About us

From the makers of True King:

We come from an extensive background of friendship, family, and brotherhood.  Being the closest of friends for 20+ years, blood could not have created a stronger bond.  We were educators in an industry where we were very successful.  Our lives went from being comfortable, to being taken away from us in a matter of minutes.  We were faced with having to make a quick decision, panic, or embrace the change.  That sudden change gave us the motivation we needed to look into what FREEDOMS a successful company could offer us.  We decided to take a leap of faith and become TRUE KINGS of our own destiny.  It is always interesting to talk about and share with each other our dreams and ideas.  However, our vision is to put those dreams and aspirations into motion. 


We first must understand the value of our women. Proverbs 31:10-31 speaks of a Virtuous Woman. In detail we learn about a woman's worth being greater than the most precious jewels. We also learn how a man will place his confidence in her because she brings good to his LIFE and everything else that she comes in contact with. We see that a woman is to be placed on a pedestal and praised; first because she has been ordained by God to improve the world through her works, her wealth, her wisdom, her strength, and her love. Also because it is the QUEEN who gives birth to the KING. God created women to be TRUE QUEENS

When God created man, He breathed into us, His children, His breathe of LIFE creating us to be just like Him (Genesis 2:7). Along the way, we lost sight of who we are in this world.  KINGS and QUEENS, because we are made in the image of God. KINGS and QUEENS, because we are a part of His MONARCHY. KINGS and QUEENS, because through Him we are royal.   

Our mission is to continue to motivate people, as well as ourselves, to look into the mirror and realize who and whose we are…ROYALTY.  Each one of us has been chosen to be GREAT, and now is the time to walk in GREATNESS. It is easy to exist in this world, but our wish is that we learn to stand firm and claim our seat on the throne…

We are KINGS and QUEENS, we are…LIFE.